Red Squirrel Keeping an Eye on Our Red Squirrels

Web Camera

Webcam Operation

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The activity figures on the right are updated every 30 minutes

We have a Webcam pointed at our Squirrel Feeder that continuously generates live images for you to view.  We also have Motion Detection software that takes a series of still pictures throughout the day and sends them to the website every night, so you can view any of the previous 7 days as a "time lapse" film sequence.

There is a chart at the bottom of the page that will help you find the best time to look for Red Squirrels on the live Webcam.

The image on the left shows the "Big Picture" of the Squirrel Feeder being monitored.  The Webcam is normally zoomed in on the Squirrel Feeder itself.

Unfortunately, viewing live moving images is complicated, and rather technical, so two formats are available.  You may still have problems with these depending on your Browser and also if you are behind a company firewall.  However the Recorded Highlights should work for everybody, as well as the Javascript live format.

The image below is a recent one from the Webcam.

Recent Webcam Image



Windows Media Player

This uses the Windows Media Player plug-in to display a video stream (WMV format).  A Broadband connection is required.  The image is smaller than the Javascript format, but shows movement well.  You will also need to have Windows Media Player 9 installed on your PC.

This format may not work on company PCs with firewalls and restricted permissions.


This uses Javascript to display a series of images at a rate of 1 frame every 10 seconds. The image is larger and better quality than using Windows Media Player format, but movement is obviously jerky.

However, this format should work on all browsers and company PCs.

Recorded Highlights

Recorded Highlights

You can view an animated sequence of still pictures captured throughout the day by the Movement Detector on the Webcam.  The previous 7 days are available to view.  This should work on all browsers and company PCs.


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